Sunday, November 21, 2010

My sources

So far, the sources that i've been using are from the packet. I've used "Sports On The Edge Of Panic" and "Clay Refuses Army Oath; Stripped of Boxing Crown". Both have been resourceful especially "Sports on the edge of panic". I know i still have two more resources to find but i've had trouble finding good ones on the library resource center and these two have been helpful.
Even though they both are about the same topic, they're kind of different. "Clay refuses army oath" is a newspaper article and it only talks about what was happening at that present moment not about what happened afterwards like in the other article. The other one is more detailed and ties into other important political figures at the time like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.
I will continue my research but in the meantime i think the sources i got so far are good enough. Would you have any recommendations on the topic of Muhammad Ali in the library resource center with full texts that i can use? or are we allowed to also use sources outside the library except wikipedia?