Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Public Work of Art "Museum"

My public work of art museum consist of this picture right here. I would of chosen something better but apparently they erased the good ones around my area which sucks cause i liked 2 in particular. Anyway, this painting right here is located on 743 Myrtle ave. around the Marcy Houses about 2 blocks away from where i live. It sells tiles and stuff and its pretty old. Its been there since as long as i can remember. In the past there was different paintings. There was one that said "New York Will Overcome!", before that the ones that stood out to me the most was a drawing of Obama when he won which said something else, i think some kind of "Change and Hope" message, and before that a picture of a basketball player with a message. As you can see, the one on the corner has been erased.
Right across the street is a park that takes up the whole block with projects in which i come to sometimes. It consists of Handball courts, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Baseball field, and Monkey Bars for the kids. Also, theres a lot of Grocery stores, other little stores, different churches and theres this Crown Fried Chicken about a block away that in my opinion Jay-Z probably worked there cause i saw a picture of him inside wearing work clothes. Theres the G train which i take to school and buses. The area is a mixture of different kinds of people which i like. Theres jews taking over in my opinion cause theres new buildings built by them for them, hispanics mostly puerto ricans and dominicans, blacks, couple whites, some asians, and a little bit of the rest.
Anyway, i kinda liked this picture because its portraying the political and economical issues that were going through right now. As you can see the picture on the top, its a painting of an old man saying, "I Work" and theres people laughing at him. Theres also the other old man sick or hurt. I can't tell if the green stuff is a word and theres a number 2000 in the corner so i don't know if that's when it was created.
I don't remember seeing that one before, but i think its showing how tough things are in the economy that less people are retiring now and having to work more. The sick or hurt guy also represents the problems with medical insurance and i don't know why the people are laughing except maybe making fun of the old people? i think its interesting because i seen a lot on Obama and other more famous people, but this is more unique and to the common people having to work especially the elderly and sick.
I would choose this as a part of my museum because its a very important time in history of the United States and more people will relate to it. Its the time were the economy is as bad since The Great Depression. And this picture right here represents the working class struggling more than usual with critics to go along with it. It will be in the history books so things like these will represent this time period that people will remember.

...Also here's the link to the Muhammad Ali video that you wanted to see: The politics of Muhammad Ali